A Tropical Adventure, Rainforest Style

For your next tropical holiday, why not swap your bathers and pink cocktails for some long-sleeves and hiking boots, and take on a tropical rainforest?

With the Amazon winding its way through eight countries, South America is most commonly associated with rainforests. However, many rainforests can also be found in Central Africa, South East Asia and Australia – so you have a wide choice of rainforest holiday destinations.

rainforestWildlife Expectations

Although rainforests cover only around 6% of the earth’s surface, they are home to at least 50% of the world’s animal species.

The local wildlife in each rainforest will differ, depending on which part of the world you are in. However, typically each rainforest will be home to a variety of primate species such as orangutans and chimpanzees, countless exotic birds, a range of reptiles, and one or two large cat species, such as tigers or jaguars.

Although you might be hoping to spot an abundance of wildlife, the density of rainforests means their inhabitants have plenty of places to hide. It really is a privilege, then, if you do manage to spy a spider monkey swinging branch-to-branch, or a black panther peeking out from behind a tree trunk.

So Where Should I Go?

Many rainforest have a range of nearby accommodations, so that you can spend your days in the wild and your nights in comfort. Here is a list of some rainforests to consider for your next tropical adventure.

Daintree Rainforest – Queensland, Australia

The oldest rainforest in the world. Located in the northern part of Australia, the Daintree is home to some native Australian wildlife, such as swamp wallabies, tree kangaroos and platypuses. The magnificent rainforest canopy and flora is also uniquely Australian.

There is no shortage of accommodation in the Daintree. You can stay in beach houses close to the coast and the Great Barrier Reef, in luxurious day spas, or in eco lodges deep inside the rainforest.

Gunung Mulu National Park – Sarawak, Malaysia

This South-East Asian rainforest on the island of Borneo, is heritage listed for its exceptional natural beauty. The rainforest is known for the number and range of bats that inhabit its caves. There are also around 80 species of mammal in the park, and 270 different kinds of birds. There are plenty of hiking trails and activities in the national park, including cave tours and a canopy walk through the tree tops, where most of the rainforest wildlife hangs out.

Stay at the rainforest headquarters or at the nearby Royal Mulu Resort, which provides comfortable accommodation, relaxation, and great food.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park

Anywhere Along the Amazon – South America

The Amazon Basin is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. The great size of the rainforest means flora and fauna vary between locations. This rainforest is brimming with life and is one of the best placed in the world to spot large rainforest mammals, such as jaguars, sloths and exotic monkeys.
Amazon accommodations are easy to find, as are tours and adventure packages. Simply decide on a South American destination, and take it from there.