About Robert Geneid

Robert Geneid holds a degree in law and is a qualified arbitrator. A man of many skills, Robert also has a degree in engineering. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers in Australia, with the honour of being one of the youngest people ever to achieve this esteemed title. Robert is a successful entrepreneur with experience in various fields of business that have taken him to interesting locations across the world. He is currently working for Malaysia’s Tourism and Environment department in the position of managing director for two of its up-scale resorts. He lives there in Malaysia with his seven children and enjoys spending time with them when he is not at work. Together they enjoy treks through the region’s jungles, cycling and playing tennis.

Engineering projects

As an engineer, the Division for Public Works of New South Wales hired Robert Geneid to work with its sewerage and water supply systems. With his professional expertise, he helped with many different projects during his two-year tenure with the state. After this, Robert Geneid went to work at the Bechtel Corporation with the title of Project Engineer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While holding this position in Jubail Industrial City, he participated in many projects related to the water supply of the city, sewerage and also an interesting project involved with special cooling for seawater.

Positions in law

Robert Geneid began working in the legal field in 1986 for Freehill, Hollingdale and Page, initially in the Sydney office and later in the firm’s Singapore office. He offered his expertise in the area of construction law and joined the company’s Major Project Department. In this capacity, Robert assisted with projects involving plans for massive infrastructure that were underway in New South Wales, including the Sydney Harbour Tunnel which was the State’s first Build, Operate and Transfer project. He was also actively involved as a legal representative of the Northern Territory Government regarding the work at the Channel Island Power Station. Robert Geneid joined Mallesons Stephen Jaques as a partner in 1990 and relocated to Singapore. In this new position he handled the firm’s construction law matters as well as large developments underway in Southeast Asia. Besides working on a large Indonesian project, he also acted in an advisory capacity on the Gas Utilisation work going on in the Malaysian Peninsula.

Turning to a tourism career

Robert Geneid’s work in the management of a national park and property development at the Malaysian Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd led him into the unexpected field of tourism. Now, as Managing Director, he is responsible for the upgrades taking place at the Royal Mulu Resort. When completed, the resort will be Marriott’s first ever nature resort.  He has served on the board of the Tourism Ministry in Malaysia since 2009 and since 2010 Robert also held a position on the board of the Malaysia’s Convention Exhibition Bureau.

Educational Background

In 1977 Robert Geneid graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales with a degree in Engineering. He returned to the university in 1983 and completed his Bachelor of Law degree in 1986.​

Robert Geneid on the web:

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